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Monday, March 27, 2006

Ice Age 2 : The MeltDown Movie

The Ice Age is coming to an end, and the animals are delighting in the melting paradise that is their new world. Manny, Sid, and Diego quickly learn that the warming climate has one major drawback: a huge glacial dam is about to break, threatening the entire valley. The only chance of survival lies at the other end of the valley. So the three heroes, along with a mammoth named Ellie and her two "brothers" -- possums Crash and Eddie -- embark on a mission across an increasingly dangerous landscape towards their salvation.

Production Company 20th CENTURY FOX

The Pink Panther Movie

Jason Statham has a cameo as a soccer coach who gets murdered.His huge pink diamond, the Pink Panther diamond, is missing from his hand. Someone has to find the killer and the gem.Paris' Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Kevin Kline) decides to make himself look better and further his own pursuit of a Medal of Honour by appointing a fool to solve the murder case. That way, Dreyfus figures, he can eventually take over from the fool, solve the case himself and make himself look good. To that end, he gets the bumbling, provincial Inspector Clouseau (Steve Martin) to come to Paris to take the case.

The cast includes Beyonce Knowles (here directed to act without a bra), Kevin Kline (keeping himself awake by cleverly alternating between French and British accents), Emily Mortimer and Henry Czerny (trying not to look humiliated) and French actor Jean Reno (who actually does a wonderful job as straight man to Steve Martin).

There isn't any story here. Instead, there's a parking joke done better in the past by Woody Allen, speech-impediment and funny accent jokes, a secret agent 006 joke with Clive Owen, a Viagra joke, personal pain jokes (concussion, crushed finger, electrocuted testicles), wrecked furniture jokes (table, vase, chandelier, etc.) two-guys-share-a-bed joke, a men-in-tights joke, and like that. It's hideous.

Genre : Comedy
Cast overview: Steve Martin,Kevin Kline,Beyoncé Knowles,Jean Reno,Emily Mortimer , and
many more...
Directed by: Shawn Levy
Runtime : 93 min
Country :USA
Language :English
Sound Mix :DTS,DolbyDigital,SDDS

Lee Ryan solo success

Full Name: Lee Ryan..........................Favourite Actor: Edward Norton
Date of Birth: 17 / 06 / 83........................Favourite Meal: Sushi
Place of Birth: Chatham, Kent............Favourite Drink: Red Bull
Favourite Film: Fight Club......................Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite TV Show: The Young Ones

One part of the phenomenal best-selling boyband Blue, Lee Ryan has taken a positive step towards solo success. His self-titled debut album has already spawned three hit singles, "Army Of Lovers," "Turn Your Car Around" and "When I Think Of You." Instead of the slick RnB style which propelled Blue to stardom, Lee's solo album uses a more classical soul sound backed by acoustic instrumentation, hinting of Marvin Gaye and Luther Vandross.

Having entered the fickle industry at the young age of 17, Lee spent his formative years learning as much as he could from the talented musicians he met as part of Blue. The youngest member of the band, his musical abilities led to him performing lead vocals for many songs and co-writing many of Blue's successful releases.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Lee took up the challenge of co-directing the video to his self-penned hit 'Breathe Easy' with video director Cameron Casey. He also recently completed a film director's course at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York, and opened his own production company.

During his career with Blue, he has had the chance to work with renowned artists such as Stevie Wonder ("Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours") and Elton John ("Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word"). Plans have been made for further collaborations with other talents as his solo career progresses through 2006 and into 2007.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Basic Instinct 2 ( Sharon Stone - Hugh Dancy )

In the sexy and sleek psychological thriller "Basic Instinct 2," after re-locating from San Francisco to London, best-selling novelist Catherine Trammell (Sharon Stone) once again finds herself on the wrong side of the law.

Dr. Michael Glass (David Morrissey), a respected London criminal psychiatrist, is brought in by Scotland Yard detective Roy Washburn (David Thewlis) to perform a psychiatric profile and evaluation of Tramell following the myserious death of a top sports star. Physically drawn to Tramell and mentally intrigued by her, Glass, against the advice of his mentor, Dr. Milena Gardosh (Charlotte Rampling), is quickly sucked into her web of lies and seduction. The professional boundaries between Glass and Tramell are obliterated when she uncovers his basic instincts. A deadly battle of wits ensues, climaxing as Glass faces a choice that will change both of their lives forever.

Director :
Michael Caton-Jones
Producer :
Moritz Borman, Mario Kassar, Andrew G. Vajna
Screenwriter :
Leora Barish, Henry Bean
Starring :
Sharon Stone, David Morrissey, Hugh Dancy, Charlotte Rampling, David Thewlis, Michael Norton, Kata Dobó, Stan Collymore, Anne Caillon, Iain Robertson


Genre :Thriller, Mystery
Release Date : March 31, 2006
Studio : Columbia Pictures

Black - PS2 Review

Guide Review - Black - PS2 Review

Black was fun, let's get that straight. Knocking down doors with shotgun blasts and blowing up truck with large caliber machine gun fire is fun, who can argue with that? But Black suffers from an identity crisis, it can't decide if it wants to be a serious first-person shooter, or an over the top gun-fest. In the end it tries both, and does a decent but not great job at it.

The rumors are true, Black is all about guns. Lots of guns, lots of ammo, lots of shooting. The ads, the menus, the guns, the destructible building all say, "let's have fun shooting stuff!" And to an extent, Black delivers over the top gameplay. But it's confused, as well. Black could have been over the top fun, but it settled for teetering on the edge.

Black attempts to be a serious FPS by not allowing you to jump, run, or carry more than two weapons at a time, regardless of size. Side note, ummm if it's supposed to be "realistic" to only be able to carry two guns, why is it two pistols or the combo of an RPG and a SAW carry the same limitations? That gripe aside, Black falls short of serious RPG play by lacking look sensitivity adjustment, pretty silly AI, and providing way too much ammo. Therein lies the problem, I can destroy walls, but that one brick that I can't jump over stops me from going through the hole. I can kill a guy by shooting him in the foot with a Magnum, but an RPG to the chest and he may get back up. Black could have been an over-the-top frag-fest by allowing limitless weapons, or a least one-per category, allowing players to run and jump, instead of lumbering about, and cutting the pretentious, and dull, anti-terrorism story.

I'm sure there will be a Black 2, so how about it EA, let Halo be Halo and let Black be the insane gun-crazy mess we all wanted it to be?

PlayStation 3 Delayed Until November?

In spite of the announced Spring 2006 release date during last year's pre-E3 press conference, it appears that Sony Computer Entertainment will not be able to deliver the highly anticipated PlayStation 3 on time for its scheduled launch. Leading business newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported this morning that the copy protection elements inherent to the Blu-ray technology in the system has stalled production on units, and the system likely won't see the light of day until early November. Citing insider sources, the article states that Blu-ray is the central reason behind the delay, but other technologies, including the Cell processor, are ready to roll out.

GameSpy contacted Sony Computer Entertainment America for more information, but at the time this article is being written, we have not heard an official comment. However, at midnight PST, Sony's PlayStation Business Briefing is slated to begin, and hopefully, SCEI will shed more light on the delay.

What does this mean for gamers around the rest of the world? The details are still hazy right now, as the mention of a worldwide versus Japan-only launch was not stated in the article. However, the possibility of a North American and European hardware release in 2007 can't be ruled out at this point, which could prove critical in the early parts of the next-gen wars, as Microsoft would have two Holiday seasons of potential sales over Sony. However, with Sony's conference coming within 24 hours from now and Sony's development head Phil Harrison slated to make a keynote speech at next week's Game Developers Conference, news could come out sooner than later regarding the PS3 launch.

Kelly Clarkson And Wang Leehom To Host

MTV Asia Pacific today announced that Kelly Clarkson and Wang Leehom will make their debut to host a televised awards show at the fifth annual MTV Asia Awards. It was also announced that KoЯn will join the roster of artists including Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe who are set to perform at the MTV Asia Awards 2006 in Bangkok at the Siam Paragon on 6 May 2006.

Kelly Clarkson's debut album, Thankful, released in 2003, proved her to be the next sensation to glorify the music world. Her success continues with the release of the phenomenal album, Breakaway, which sold over 8.5 million copies worldwide, including four No. 1 singles "Breakaway," "Since U Been Gone," "Behind These Hazel Eyes" and "Because Of You." The multi-platinum selling album also won her multiple awards; smash hit, "Since U Been Gone" brought her two Moon Men at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards for Best Female Video and Best Pop Video. Soon after, she bagged the prestigious Best Female Pop Vocal Performer award and Best Pop Vocal Album award at the 2005 Grammy’s, making her the most proclaimed female vocalist in today’s mainstream music scene.

Recently plugging her new smash song "Walk Away," the fifth single from "Breakaway," Kelly is no stranger to MTV's viewers in Asia. The gifted singer gave a spectacular live performance of her hit "Since U Been Gone" to thousands of fans at the MTV Asia Aid, a global benefit concert to support tsunami efforts, held in Bangkok last year. Nominated for Favourite Female Artist up against Ashley Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Madonna and Mariah Carey at the MTV Asia Awards 2006, Kelly Clarkson is determined to excel not only in her singing career but also as a host.

Asian heartthrob superstar Wang Leehom is a unique musician who conceptualizes "chinked-out" music creatively, combining traditional Chinese tunes with pop and hip-hop music to form a whole new style of music. The all talent singer, songwriter, producer, performer and actor exploded on the Chinese pop music scene after studying music at Williams College and Berklee College of Music in the United States. With the release of his triumphant album Revolution in 1998 which he composed and produced, Leehom solidified his role as one of the most influential talents in today’s Asian pop culture.

Leehom's second "chinked-out" album, Heroes Of Earth, launched December last year has rapidly topped all charts across Asia. With record sales in millions worldwide, Leehom is consistently being honoured at various key music awards ceremonies around the region. Being a nominee at this year's MTV Asia Awards for the Favourite Artist (Taiwan category), Leehom will be showcasing his hosting ability in addition to his celebrated gift for music to his fans at the biggest and most prominent annual awards show in Asia.

Among the most popular and provocative rock bands, KoЯn have fused heavy music with their bold and unsettling alternative metal sounds that have challenged the genre and presented it to their fans with success. The Grammy-winning band’s latest album, See You On The Other Side, has taken their music to new heights, clinching multi-platinum and sold-out shows worldwide. Their powerful live performance indulges fans with songs played in an atmosphere that keeps the audience from simply sitting in their seats. Come to see what KOЯN will put out for fans with their explosive sounds at the MTV Asia Awards 2006.

The MTV Asia Awards 2006 will be available to over 400 million households via 43 channels as well as through syndication worldwide. Updates on the MTV Asia Awards 2006 can be found on the official website at MTV viewers can visit the MTV Asia websites for more information on Awards related contests and events.

KORN...MTV Artist of The Month

KORN .....
MTV Artist of The Month ...
No diss to Korn's second album Life Is Peachy, but can life still be a bed of roses after the abrupt departure of former guitarist Brian "Head" Welch?

Lead singer Jonathan Davis says, "We were sitting there with one less member, and we decided to check out some other types of producers, experiment and see what happens. It just came to the point where we had to reinvent -- here we are, the four of us, let's make some music that's different, and music that people are going to flip the f*** out over. We can go in so many different directions as a band, why be closed-minded?"

Working with producers The Matrix and Atticus Ross, the reinventions all culminate in the revolutionary brand new album See You On The Other Side, an unsettling and bold opus of daring new songs like "Twisted Transistor," "Politics," and "Love Song."

"We knew we wanted to experiment and see what would happen, but we had no clue it would end up like this." laughs Davis. "It really worked out. We may have lost a member, but we gained another two with Atticus and Matrix."

As a follow-up to their Greatest Hits, Volume 1 release in 2004, the expectations are naturally high for the band that is widely credited for the rise of nu-metal. Can the band still continue to push the boundaries and remain at their creative best?

"There needs to be something more," agrees Davis. "A lot of people are doing heavy, and they're doing it great, but we've always been about pushing the levels and coming up with some new shit. We ushered in a genre of music, and now we're trying to stay ahead of that curve. This isn't minimalistic, old-school Korn -- this is a natural progression for us, and we're kicking it up a notch."

More like a few notches!

From the opening track "Twisted Transistor," to the aggressive "Politics," and the military precision of the anthemic "Coming Undone," See You On The Other Side is a pulverizing concept album that thrusts heavy musical blows at the discerning fans of Korn. For instance, "Love Song" is a song that Davis insists, is bound to impress "all my depressed, goth peeps out there."

After over a decade of writing music that has impressed many "goth peeps out there," the band clearly understands when they have a good song on their hands. "When we listen to what we're doing and look at each other with scared, f***ed up feelings in our guts, that's when we know we wrote something special," says the singer. "That's how we know we're breaking down the boundaries and doing some new s***, because we're scared about it."

It's hard to imagine a hardcore edgy band like Korn experiencing fear, for they only seem to be getting stronger. Which side will we be seeing them on? The winning side of course.

Korn is comprised of singer Jonathan Davis, David Silveria (drums, percussion), "Munky" Shaffer (guitar), and "Fieldy" Arvizu (bass).

Saturday, March 04, 2006

3rd Continued Blogshares Lifetime

Now we talk about Randy a.K.a of Laila best friend..he helped Laila so much than anyone do..I will write the story here about first meet of Laila and Randy,but i will tell you about Randy first..

Randy started playing Blogshares on March 30, 2003 when it was still in Beta testing..first move he just buying,selling and trading of blogs...and when the owner of blogshares introduced the Ideas market, Bonds and Artifacts, he change the play to Ideas market and bond market and also make some artifacts which he say is cool tools from Blogshares..He likes to use artifacts to raiding..but then got a little ambitious after seeing some players like MLT, and others making great wealth through HTO and decided to try that..
He managed to get a hold of Persian Blog and Moveable Type ( Both blogs is Top 5 blogs in that time ) ..and make a huge amounts of money.He god greedy and the climax here..he stepped on the wrong person,which is Laila..Laila had lost a lot of money because of Randy play..But he feels sorry to Laila,and after returning her losses to her,Randy vowed never to HTO again.. *some nice move, right?=) *

As play continued, he continued to roll blogs and use the
artifacts for raiding. Laila and Randy became friends and she taught about
Ideas and Bonds. he wish he would have done
what Laila told all the time.This is short story between Laila and Randy
The one thing that was cool knowing Laila was she always ha this sense of what was going to happen in the game, like when they were going to change
the algorithms and all. We both kept each other informed if we saw things changing
in the game.

We found that when we worked together as a team we
would both move up in the standing and we have played together
as a team since. I have already made up my reply to Island Dave and I
routed a copy to Laila to get her input. Once she gives it a sanity check
and I see what she added or change we will submit it to Dave and then sit back
and wait for the math forum on Tuesday the 21st. It should be interesting and I am
hoping there will be a lot of interest. "

And they always be a good friends until now...Happy 2yr friendship for Laila and Randy..hope God always blesses u.. =) =) =)

2nd Continued Blogshares Lifetime

In Saturday, October 23, 2004,
BS Elite!!!!
Laila have her new title...Blogshares ELITE....
BlogShares EliteUpon Mars/Iris Securities recommendation to BlogShares Admins, I am now informally added to the Who's Who BlogShares page.

Thank you, Macky, that's a very sweet surprise! And special thanks to the BlogShares Admins, for the inclusion of my name to BlogShare's notable personalities!

And after that Laila Blogshares career going up and up and up..more and more...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004 = B$ 79,891,723,918,358.00 / Rank 3

Tuesday, November 09, 2004 = B$ 99,754,075,550,616.00 / Rank 2

Wednesday, December 01, 2004 = B$ 148,378,673,275,379.02 / Rank 2

Sunday, January 02, 2005 = B$ 272,881,253,516,563.57 / Rank 2 ( Happy 1yr B$ )

Sunday, February 20, 2005 = B$ 442,091,836,112,957.00 / Rank 1

Sunday, May 29, 2005,

Laila Birthday missions !!!

In celebration of my forthcoming birthday in June, we will be offering Ten (10) Premium Memberships upgrade FREE to both old and new BlogShares players as I'm nearly at Quadrillion networth. To qualify, all you have to do is review A Journey Through Life or Retired Warrant Officer blog: Blog about us and your impressions how we're doing as top BlogShares players and please submit your entry on or before June 6, 2005.

In the event more than ten players have submitted their entries, the best 10 entries will get premium membership and the rest will receive B$1T plus 5000 chips as consolation bonus.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005
She hit B$ 1 quadrillion today...Net Worth B$ 1,000,538,864,792,201.49
Do you buy some piece of America?? =p

Saturday, November 26, 2005,
Big tragedy.. !!! Blogshares Crashed !!!

As I woke up this morning, shocking BlogShares News made me fully awake!

All players' holdings and cash balances were devalued by 1/10,000 ratio in an attempt to balance the market.My networth yesterday was B$ 2.49 Quadrillion and it went down to B$ 249 Billion after BlogShares Game crashes!

And after that..Laila stop her activity in blogshares...what she just doing recently in the game was collecting artefacts only and reading forum messages,cause of the sadly i can't see her play anymore.. =(

Continued from Blogshares Lifetime

In Monday, July 05, 2004,
First Blogging Contest,sponsored by Laila, now her net worth is nearly B$ 4 T at present.
It's about time that she share this B$ 1 Trillion to you.
The topic of contest is write something about the Philippines current political situation in your blog. Give her the link and she will review your article. The best accurate blog about the Philippines will receive B$ 500B (First Prize), B$ 300B (Second Prize), and B$ 150B (Third Prize). Consolation prize of B$ 2B will be given to all who will join.
In Sunday, August 01, 2004,
Spending more time playing, voting, and moderating blogs at BlogShares kept her busy from blogging. Actually, last month was the busiest month for most active players who participated in voting and moderating blog's industries (categories). her karma points showed how much dedication she had given in adding blogs under its correct categories (industries). As Jay introduced CHIPS as incentives to players who voted/moderated blog's industries correctly, we earned 25 chips for every 1 karma, from 58,000 blogs that need (vote) moderation, it's now down to less than 2,500 blogs!
she is now at 8th place beginning the month of August with Karma 2378 and Chips 83350 and huge net's B$12,868,967,503,215.00
In Sunday, August 15, 2004,
There is some tragedy in this day, As Macky (Mars/Iris Securities) posted Chips for Missing Industries on August 13, 2004, 07:52:47 pm at BlogShares Forum, she offered him 100+ industries for 1.5 chips or 15 chips per 10 rare ideas for the industries Macky doesn't have yet.
Here is the story :

Today, while I bonded 116 industries in sets of twelves to transfer the ideas, Bear interrupted our transactions by poaching 4 industries, which in return, Macky complained of invalid bonds. I was certain that I have issued the ideas properly as bonds until I found out that Bear took it. I sent couple of messages on his Rare idea bonds for sale message thread. The BlogShares Global Moderator, Mr Pilot, instead of settling the dispute, he added flame and interruption with my bond transactions with Macky by poaching one of the bonds Bear rebonded to returnn those industries he purchased in the bonds market.

After I finished with Macky's bonds and he got 1160 ideas from me, I found out later that interruptions made by Bear and Mr Pilot made me lose the opportunity to sell my 10,272,408 Farsi ideas on time at B$ 54,343.40 or a total loss in the amount of B$ 558,237,576,907.20 at 23:14 system time!!!
So rude !! =(

Monday, August 23, 2004,
Another nice Laila, =)
This afternoon, I received an e-mail with subject line: SAVE ME, from Malaysia. The 'boy' said that I must help him with the amount of US$ 7,000,000.00 because his parents were fighting all the time and he needs help. If nothing is done with his problems at home, he's going to commit suicide. I'd thought that he might have seen my BlogShares portfolio located at the right side navigation on this page for which I have over B$ 13 Trillion networth. Well, earlier, BlogShares offers fantasy money only but with the introduction of chips recently, some players auctioned those chips at e-Bay for real money.
BlogShares chips can be used for Text Ads on BlogShares main page, buy rare or artefact ideas on special arrangements with fellow players; can be used to join in BlogShares raffles and other contests. Current value of 1 chip is more or less B$ 25 Million while 10k chips is worth US$13.50 at eBay.This can help the boy to get out his sweet =)

Saturday, September 25, 2004,
the evindence of true friends ^_^

Today, Randy paid US$15.00 to Jay Campbell, owner of BlogShares Fantasy Stock Market, for my BlogShares bandwidth usage. Earlier, Jay gifted me a premium membership and that's how I easily reached BlogShares' 4th Richest Player. and get the larger net worth B$ 41,894,056,917,946.00 in September 30..
To Jay and Randy, thank you very much!
Friday, October 01, 2004,

Kindness from Laila and RWO a.K.a Randy

Randy and Laila have been discussing how we can use the massive wealth that we made in BlogShares. It must actually count for something: Why not support a BlogShares child, or two, or three? We can sell the profits we make on eBay and turn the real cash into a charity!
Since we announced it, we have already gained enough money to sponsor two children due to the generosity of one of the fellow BlogShares players. We will post the person's name after Randy ask him if it is ok to publish his name, as some folks like to remain anonymous.

And guess what??? she had a blogshares child =D her name is Cherry

Blogshares Lifetime of Laila and RWO

First i tell a Blogshares lifetime story bout Laila =)

Laila, a lady how we know used to be on the top 5 Richest players before the November 2005 devaluation of all player holdings and be one of BS Elites..
The story start when her blogs
was added on 04:14 21 Dec 2003 on BlogShares list...and she don't know who's add it..and then she start to register on 31 Dec 2003 in blogshares to claim her blogs ^_^ First share of blogs she's received is 1750 shares in SlashDot.Org from another player named Afonso which is 85th ranks in Blogshares in that time.And 7 days since she register on Blogshares, she had a 143962.25% growth in net worth..not understand how is gonna be?

here is the strategy :
Started with B$500 investment plus 1,750 shares given by Afonso, some shares were sold to mars/iris Securities and The Geek using different artefacts (like Reality Distortion Field, Tux, Master Hacker, Improbability Drive, Glasses, Experiment, Network Engineer, Killer app, Oxford Dictionary and Scoop) during Hostile takeover and Restructure of thats make her cash going highly..its B$3,758,042,68 ...awesome right??
don't applause now,there's still many magics in her story line =)

Now we talk about her first winner in mission..she win a mission sponsored by Afonso and she win cash about B$400Billion !!! she's a Billionaire in 9 days since she register..and after that the sponsor,Afonso is leaving Blogshares..but before he's leaving,he sponsor Laila to be a Premium membership,but there are incident here..PayPal not already yet in the Philippines and her only chance to enjoy unlimited transactions is when BlogShares include her once they give away FREE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPS again to selected members.
In Sunday,January 11,2004 ,
her account has been upgraded to Premium Membership until 10 Jan 2005 with help from Afonso Almeida and Jay Campbell..and she had received B$200 Billion prize from Afonso today also! More Billion for the Billionaire !!!! =)
In Monday,January 12,2004,
She is now the NO. 1 BEST PLAYER for January 2004 and rank no. 29 among BlogShares RICHEST 100 PLAYER as of today, next to Afonso who gave her half of his BlogShares' 1 for January best player in her 10 days since register???How scream....Want to appraise her?? not yet.. =) much more..
In Wednesday, April 07, 2004,
She's now a Blogshares trillionaire,after selling bonds to MLT and RWO for over B$ 100 billion and, Germany for B$ 230,299,762,623.86 , her B$ net worth is now at B$1,093,163,460,291.40 and she is temporarily at rank no. 11 among BlogShares Richest Players!....Jezz !!! a Trillionaire???buy me some island please, Laila =p
In Monday, May 31, 2004
,she double her networth to B$ 3,078,440,833,517.60 and go to Rank 10th ...give me some !!! =) and Thursday, July 01, 2004,doubled she can do this...her total Worth B$ 5,368,142,741,576.50 now..


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tribute to Laila and RWO

i'm a newbie in Blogshares..i play it for about 2 weeks..not a long time isn't? =) i try to up my first $500 with buy a little shares..and then i fall..i lost my $450...what i must do know?? =(

then some friends telling me about everything to play this game and give me a link to Lady Laila Blogs and RWO blogs..they are 2 of elite players in i start to read they blogs one by's amazing !!! no no no..its VERY AMAZING !!! what the human can be become a billionaire in nine days??? and become a premium member the next day!? it's unbelievable...i can't understand it over and's like see an Eistein play the Blogshares =)

i read almost all their blogs and i see some thread that's make me feel like a baddest ugliest stupidest jerk poor boy and makes me dropped my tears very damn much..i feel like my sins can't be erase..i just know how to PRD the shares then HTO it so the owner's will loss their shares and don't have a profit..i just know how to make someone anger to me..

BUT THEY?? Who's the gamer which still remember to sponsor chidren under the Save the Children fund?? Who's the gamer which still remember to be nice to another player?? Who's the gamer which still see that Blogshares is build not only just to buy/sell shares, buy/sell ideas or buy/use artefacts but to make a connection for all players from all countries in the world,make them our friend and be nice to them,help them and tell them what you know about this game..
Till then i just know 2 people who do's Lady Laila and RWO ...are you guys dare to say that you are better than them???i guess no one can say that..coz u aren't better iclude me

I make this thread to esteem Lady Laila and RWO...2 of the best people i've known in this sucks world..thx to Lady Laila and're touch my heart so deeply..many thx to you two...
Ow i forgot...i want to say Happy 730th day of knowing each other online Anniversary..hope GOD will always be with you two..huge respect for you.. =)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tips & Trick dalam The Mafia Boss


1. unless otherwise stated, selalu start di LIVERPOOL
kenapa ?
supaya kita bisa nonton liverpool FC maen di liga inggris. ga lah gembel, soalnya liverpool itu lebih adem ayem dibanding tokyo

2. gunain mayoritas turn elo buat rekrut HITMAN & HUSTLERS / THUGS & BODYGUARDS (tergantung elo milihnya -- baca thread "Musti Ngapain di Awal Ronde ?") Aw; jangan rekrut yang lain.
kenapa ?
karena yang terpenting adalah kita harus bisa melindungi diri sendiri dulu; di akhir-akhir ronde (biasanya 2 - 3 hari menuju akhir) will be hell. biasanya family2 gede nyari sasaran family2 yang lebih kecil buat nyolong duit2nya. kebanyakan duit juga bakal jadi inceran mereka.

3. set pay out percentage elo (di bagian hire) jadi 0% pas elo mau collect duit dari ops units elo
kenapa ?
supaya earning yang loe dapet maksimal. ternyata dibikin 0 %, ops unit elo juga happy-happy aja kok

4. gunain turn elo pas hire orang dengan kelipatan 26 (52, 78 ... etc)
kenapa ?
gue juga ga ngerti; wong gue bukan yang bikin gamenya. tapi berdasarkan mata-mata yang ditanem di family yang udah gede (e.g Dynasty Union). mereka bilang dengan begini orang yang loe dapet lebih maksimal.

5. ga usah pernah beli weed atau cocain; buang2 duit aja !
kenapa ?
ya karena mahal goblok ! huhuuhuuhu ... pokoknya hanya dengan alcohol aja .. orang2 loe udah heppy kok. dan alcohol itu kan yang paling murah diantara 3 drugs diatas.

6. make sure loe sisain sedikit turn buat collect uang buat beli senjata; jangan pernah beli senjata lain selain AK-47.
kenapa ?
pake nanya lagi ... ya kalo ga dibeliin senjata, anak buah loe mo perang pake ape ? rencong ?! badik ?! bambu runcing ?!
pas loe rekrut hitmen, def unit happiness loe bakal merah; karena lo belom ada senjata; JANGAN KHAWATIR, begitu loe collect duit dan beli senjata; mereka bakal happy dan ga bakal ada yang ninggalin elo selama loe ga nyerang.

7. masih berhubungan sama nomor 6. pas loe mau collect duit, make sure loe punya cukup ALCOHOL, kalo perlu abisin 1 juta yang loe dapet diawal game buat beli alkohol
kenapa ?
ya biar ops unit loe mabok pas ngolekin duit ! jadi lebih sangar alhasil dapetnya lebih gede (baca = ops unit happines terjaga, kalo engga, ntar ada yang kabur)

8. ga usah banyak2 nyimpen duit/mobil/pesawat di awal ronde, kalo mau ... pas 1 hari terakhir aja.
kenapa ?
karena ya kalo loe kaya tapi lemah; bakal jadi sasaran empuk orang yang ngiler ngeliat kekayaan loe.

9. kalo loe diserang; jangan keburu panas dan nyerang balik !
kenapa ?
karena kalo yg nyerang elo itu berfamily, biar diselesaikan boss to boss dulu (seperti layaknya mafia beneran, beuhhh ... ). biar kalo emang bisa damai dengan kompensasi; ya kita damai aja (daripada buang2 def units), ato kalopun ga bisa jalan damai, kita nyerangnya bareng2 biar lebih kuat.

10. inget ada yang namanya FAMILY BOARD buat komunikasi. (e.g kalo loe diserang, kasih tau disitu; ajang cela2an; ajang ngobrol etc)
kenapa ?
ya biar kita bisa tau lah yang nyerang elo siapa dan get to know each other, beehh ...

Sumber : Mafia-Indogroove

Tipe tipe Mafia di dalam The Mafia Boss

berdasarkan observasi, di game ini ada tipe2 mafia dengan tugas spesifik sbb :

1. Tukang tumpuk Hitman & Hustler DOANG
kerjaannya orang ini, dari awal selalu gunain mayoritas turn-nya buat hire hitmen dan hustler doank, ga ada yang lain. orang2 ini ntar bakal jadi penyerang orang2 ber n/w tinggi. orang ini juga yang bakal support orang di kategori 3 dan dirinya sendiri dengan cara collect pake hustler2 nya yang bakal lebih banyak dari hitmen nya. kalo dilakukan dengan benar, loe bakal sekitar 110000 - 120000 hitman SEMUA di 2 hari terakhir.

2. Tukang tumpuk Hitmen & Hustler + Thugs & Bodyguards
kerjaan orang ini hire hitmen & hustler di awal awal sampe die punya 50000 - 70000 hitmen, baru abis itu sisanya bantai hire thugs & bodyguards. orang2 ini ntar bakal jadi penyerang orang2 ber n/w menengah. dia juga bantu2 buat supply duit ke orang di kategori ketiga dan juga dirinya sendiri. kalo dilakukan dengan benar, di 2 hari terakhir orang2 kategori 2 bakal punya 150000 - 170000 total defense units

3. Tukang tumpuk Thugs & Bodyguards DOANG
kerjaannya jelas, dari awal game hire thugs dan bodyguards doank. downside nya orang ini bakal super duper miskin karena ga bakal punya operatives buat nyari duit. jadi mereka-mereka ini harus di support oleh orang2 kategori 1 atau 2. sewajarnya, di satu family ya maksimal ada 3 lah orang kategori 3, kalo kebanyakan... repot juga ntar. orang2 kategori 3 bakal jadi tukang bantai musuh2 ber n/w rendah. kalo dilakukan dengan benar orang2 kategori 3 bakal punya lebih dari 200000 defense units di 2 hari terakhir !

4. Tukang nyari duit DOANG
buat yang ini, agak jarang, biasanya ada di family2 yang udah gede banget, jadi memang orang2 tipe pencari duit ini terlindung. kerjaannya adalah banyak2 rekrut WHORES & CARD DEALERS, dan juga sedikit THUGS & BODYGUARDS (supaya opsnya happy doank). kalo udah cukup banyak ops-nya, kerjaan dia mostly make turn buat nyari duit. either buat supply temennya yang butuh duit, ato buat naekin n/w

5. HITMAN bayaran ato bayangan
orang2 yang punya account banyak biasanya punya account yang dipake buat jadi hitman bayangan, jadinya kalo dia nyerang; dia ga bawa nama family; dan bisa disewa sama family laen buat nyerang family target (duitnya ntar di transfer ke account dia yang asli yang ada familynya).

6. Lain - Lain
yang ga masuk ke tipikal2 diatas, ya masuk lain - lain, biasanya yang baru maen dan masih mau coba-coba.

Sumber : Mafia.Indogroove

How to make money in The Crims

Untuk yang suka collect dari hooker atau yang charisma nya besar atau Germo / Pimp :
Beli minimal 2 whorehouse & Hooker yg hrs di beli :
1. Miss Blonde -> Lill & Jill (payout $ 219,000)
2. Mr Love -> Jessica (payout $ 40,500)
3. Sergeant Sexy -> Pearl (payout $ 13,500)
4. Denim Daisy -> Gothic Goddess (payout $ 5,580)
Prioritaskan No. 1 sampe 3.
beli yang ke-4 kalau charisma lebih besar di banding inteligence, kalau dapet hooker dari pub/rave di jual saja (payout terbesar cuma $700).
Collect payout 2 hari sekali / 8 hari tc.

Untuk yang suka produksi & jual obat atau yang inteligence nya besar atau Businessman :
Building yang paling cepat balik modal :
1. Brewery 6hari
2. Pharmacy 7hari
3. Mushroom Field 9hari
4. Weed Field 11hari

dan profit [unit/day * price * 0.95 - maintenace cost] (asumsi jual ke dealer) yang paling besar :
1. LSD Lab $8,468 (12 hari balik modal)
2. Opium field $7,416 (21 hari balik modal)
3. Ecstacy Lab $7,375 (15 hari balik modal)
4. Mushroom field $7,280 (9 hari balik modal)
semua pemain round X sepertinya pada beli Brewery dan Pharmacy (lihat stock dealer nya paling banyak).

Note : asumsi semua status bernilai 0, harga Obat pakai harga hari ke-12 tc.

Sumber : Indoxxx-Forum

Safety Killers dalam The Crims

Basics :
1. Strength untuk menyerang, and tol untuk bertahana.
2. Apabila strength penyerang 2x > tol victim, maka yg bertahan akan direct to hosp.
3. Apabila tol victims 2x > strength peneyerang, maka yg menyerang akan masuk ke hosp.
4. Setiap pembelian 2strength, akan mengurangi 1 int.
5. Harga strength akan meningkat dgn cepet. Untuk pembelian strength > 3500, 1strengthnya sudah berharga minimum 70K.
6. Jangan kirim establishment ke lawan. Dgn mengirim establishment, lawan akan menyerang pada saat dia kuat dan ada kemungkinan kita akan di gang-assault.
7. Jangan cancel establishment
8. Jangan beli stat selain strength blink.gif Pada umumnya... pemain akan membeli lebih dr 1 macam stat... jadi ini advantage kita.
9. Beli 99 stat sekaligus
10. Perhatikan graph lawan, dan ambil assumsi tol lawan setinggi respect tertinggiya. Apabila graph lawan naik-turun... itu yg sulit... dan harus diperkirakan.
11. Selalu cari sasaran di square, dan cukup berbicara beberapa kata tiap screen.
12. Killers akan mengenal nick kita, apabila kita sudah membunuh beberapa org yg mempunyai stat bagus. Time 2 go to hosp, pergi undercover, dan ke forum lagi.
13. Cukup beli 2 whorehouse and 8 best hookers, no factory... numpang diteman aja kalau mau ngedrug...
contoh yg baru saya praktekan semalam (duration 2hrs):
Stat : strength 3000-5000.
Respect : 1900
requirement :
Ganti nama!!
cancel all estab
Talking in square
Target :
respect < 1000, decline
respect 1000-1600, direct assault.
respect > 1601 perhatikan graph lawan.
respect 4000 dgn graph naik turun, reject.

Hasil 5 org kirim estab :
1. org respect 50an cool.gif... decline
1. org respect 1100an ... killed
1. org respect 2100, dgn respect tertingginya 3600 ... killed
1. org respect 1800.... killed
1. org respect 2300... killed
1. org respect 4000an ... he canceled it after awhile. Kalaupun saya attack, kayanya saya tdk akan mati (dia membutuhkan toll 6000-8000), tp change menangnya juga cuman 30% kalau dilihat dr graphnya.
Dan masuk penjara 1x after the last kill

Cancel all estab again.
Back to real name
Mission accomplish

Sumber : Indoxxx-Forum

Basic games dalam The Crims

Basic Games:

- Menghitung Successfull Robbery :
Formula yg cukup aman : (Strength + Int + Tol + Weapon Damage)/4 > Rob Difficulty. Untuk gang robbery :
Average minimum required dr peserta harus > gang-robbery. Contohnya:
Buat Forex min peserta 2 org dan difficulty 70. Artinya 2 peserta yg tertinggi statnya (lihat formula diatas), harus bisa handle difficulty 70. Peserta lainnya akan diignore.

Untuk solo robbery dan sebangsanya..dapat dipermudah melalui web

Sebelum Respect Mencapai 70:

- Rob terus sampai stamina 0%
- Click Pub and pergi ke any pub (safeplace just search INDOXXX biggrin.gif )
- Beli drugs sampai stamina mendekati or menyamai 100%
- Balik lagi ke rob, terus ngedrug lagi dan diulang2.

Antara Respect 70-99
- Cari teman untuk buat sementara gang dan melakukan forex terus, kumpulin uang sebanyak2nya.
- Beli pub sendiri dan set entry $200 (supaya killer hrs bayar juga untuk cari mangsa).
- Menjelang respect 100 pergi ke hospital dan melakukan operasi plastik. Ini untuk membersihkan para pembunuh yg kita temui di pub.
- Cancel semua establishment dr org yg tdk dikenal (kalau perlu teman gang sementara juga dicancel)

- And have fun

Sumber : Indoxxx-Forum

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